Normsan is aware of the fact that the underlying element of maintaining and developing its existence is providing “Customer Satisfaction”.

It is the general policy of NORMSAN to meet the customer requirements as well as responding to the demands with cost-effective prices at desired quality level and in timely basis.

Legal and regulatory requirements of all customer requests applicable to the product are checked up, monitored and fulfilled.

All individuals provide the necessary contribution to achieve our company’s goals by sharing and developing their knowledge, skills and experiences as part of the Quality Management System.

We adapt it as our main goal to have continuous development and improvement of all business processes in quality and production and add new values to each work choosing targets that are parallel to our customers’ quality objectives.

We take it as our duty to observe health and safety expectations of the society by being sensitive to environment and adhering to legal regulations as well as preserving environment and natural life for next generations.

As the Board of Directors, we will ensure the continuity of the quality mentality above and we will use all our resources in this way with the belief congruence.